Retail consultancy


Barry & Matthew Iles specialize in retail consultancy in the negotiation and acquisition and disposal of leases in shopping centres and strips, nationally and in New Zealand. We provide extensive experience after acting for retailers ranging in usages such as food and beverage to international fashion and luxury goods.

With 25 years’ experience retail consultancy and site acquisition the system has been designed in response to the growing need for retailers to divert all possible resources to concentrate upon the ongoing strategy of consolidation and rapid expansion within the domestic Australian and New Zealand markets.


Our retail consultancy program offers a chance to minimise risk and target primary trade areas with the required demographic and psychographic profiling.

Who lives here?

Barry & Matthew Iles has many years experience targeting the information from successive Census Data through Australian Bureau of Statistics, and the department of infrastructure. Together with internal research mechanisms this offers an immensely powerful tool to the client who may be confident about the strength of a product and its delivery but needs exact and detailed information about the financial makeup of a trade area and the motivations of the householders in the target catchment.


These factors are largely influenced by mobility of wealth, liquidity of income and planning, age, education and ethnic factors.


Other sources can be existing research done by major Landlords that can be obtained through the extensive Barry & Matthew Iles contact network.

Talking to your customers direct

Snap vox pops can be commissioned. Many of our clients request an answer to a product awareness inquiry that can be carried out by questioning a sample group of 200 – 600 people in the street. Traffic counts can be commissioned to further assist in assessing and evaluating the desirability of a retail strip.

Barry & Matthew Iles Research

Barry & Matthew Iles Retail Consultancy research tools include:

  • DCF feasibility
  • Comparable Lease analysis
  • Retail Development strategies
  • Centre Performance Vital Statistics
  • Demographic research
  • Shopping centre comparisons
  • Snap vox pops
  • Traffic counts


Barry & Matthew Iles retail consultancy is another tool in the armoury of precision systems and information that will allow our clients to focus and freely commit to the future.