Barry & Matthew Iles Pty Ltd property services is an independent real estate consultancy which was established by Barry Iles in 1949 under the banner “Active Real Estate.” Matthew Iles joined the family business in March 1980.


With combined property experience of more than 80 years, Barry & Matthew Iles Pty Ltd offers a fully integrated range of expertise in retail consultancy, commercial and residential property sales and leasing, site acquisition, property development, feasibility analysis, research, performance reporting and property management to maximise the return of your investment.


Our independent focus and diversity of expertise allows us to negotiate the needs of our clients whilst understanding the limitations of owners and occupiers. Barry & Matthew Iles commitment to quality service, integrity and passion delivered in a proudly individual style is our trademark.

Asset planning and site acquisition

The property acquisition program aims to accumulate a substantial property portfolio by unlocking untapped potential and introducing pre-committed lease backs.

Retail services

Barry & Matthew Iles also specialize in retail lease consultancy in the negotiation and acquisition and disposal of leases in shopping centres and strips, nationally and in New Zealand for retailers ranging in usages such as food and beverage to international fashion and luxury goods.

The system has been designed in response to the growing need for retailers to divert all possible resources to concentrate upon the ongoing strategy of consolidation and rapid expansion within the domestic Australian and New Zealand markets.


Barry & Matthew Iles Pty Ltd offers its clients access to extensive feasibility studies, developed over years of property transactions and development, to provide solid data that strengthen the decision to commit to a new site or withdraw.


We provide the opportunity to commission research that is unilaterally designed for the client. This will offer a chance to minimise risk and target primary trade areas with the required demographic and psychographic profiling. Barry & Matthew Iles research is another tool in the armoury of precision systems and information that will allow our clients to focus and freely commit to the future.


Barry & Matthew Iles has the ability to report on and manage every aspect of a property portfolio in all its present and future incarnations. Our objective is to free our clients from the tedious and time consuming processes that may constrict and confine the ongoing vision and ambition to expand.

We are confident that the Barry & Matthew Iles system reflects the same passion, vision, attention to detail and integrity that make our clients as successful as they find themselves today.