Leasing Residential Property Quickly

In today’s market, investment properties need to be presented so that people who are looking to rent would consider the property. By this I mean, ask yourself whether you would live in this apartment or house if your answer is

no, why would you expect anyone else to? 

Presentation of an investment property is very important so that prospective tenants have a good idea of the standard the owner has created.  By this I mean is setting the standard of how the owner would like the property cared for. Assessment of rent takes into consideration what the property has to offer and should the property be well presented, clean and tidy, a good rent can be achieved.

When advertising your property on the internet let it stand out and be a place where prospective tenants would want to live. Ensure you or your agent is marketing the property on all portals and platforms available to get the best response.

In summary, there are only two reasons why a property stays vacant and that is presentation or the asking rent. Therefore stand back, assess the property ask yourself would you pay the rent you are asking to live there. Remember this is a commercial decision, not an emotional one, therefore put yourself in the tenant’s shoes and look at what their needs are and whether your property fits into a tenant’s needs generally.  Don’t forget tenants see more properties than you. They know the values of rent and presentation so do not try and fool them.

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