Why you should hire a property manager

Managing your own investment property can be fraught with problems, the tenant not paying the rent on time, the property not being looked after in the way the tenant should, and a myriad of other things that can be a problem and if there is a lack of knowledge of the Residential Tenancies Act, then anyone can find themselves taking up their precious time, trying to sort out where to go and then what to do. So clearly that is why so many people choose a professional who has been trained in this area and hires a property manager to take care of all these issues for you, so all you do is collect the rent every month and leave all of the hard work to the person you employ to act for you.

Constant income:

Have you ever had an untrustworthy tenant that didn’t pay his rent on time or just didn’t pay at all? A property manager will ensure that rent is paid on time and therefore you receive constant income every month.  The choice of a good tenant is really the key when renting out the property. The property manager knows as a good tenant from a not so good tenant. Any applicant has to provide references and have a good rental history and a steady job and basically have a strong case that they will be the best person for the property.  The property managers job is to really choose well and both the owner and the property manager can make life easy for themselves.

Routine inspections:

A routine inspection is very important and tells the property manager if the tenant is looking after the owner’s property as they should.  These inspections are done 3 months after a tenant signs a lease and then 6 months after that.  An inspection involves going through the property and ticking off a checklist for any damage or potential damage that might need attention.  The report provides photos and identifies any damage, The report is then sent to the owner and the property will suggest a course of action to take if necessary. It is our policy that if there is maintenance that needs attention then the owners are notified and their approval sought.

Marketing your property:

If a vacancy occurs, a property manager will market and advertise your property and will source out which tenant is the most suitable.  To enable your property to have the best marketing there are other real estate portals that are used to advertise the property.  One ad on the Iles website and then ads on realestate.com, domain, home and also social media), sending out emails to people who are looking for properties from our database.  When advertising to lease a property it is very important to advertise properly to have as many leads as possible.

Our senior property manager commenced her career at this office and now has come back after 25 years armed with experience and knowledge that she has gained over the years in Melbourne, Sydney, and London and she will comprehensively enable to assist you with any queries you may have. She is very enthusiastic to lease and  manage properties so please do not hesitate to contact Susie Mason on 0413 236 590 or our office – 98183580