Barry & Matthew Iles provides its clients with access to extensive feasibility studies, developed over years of property transactions and development to provide solid data that strengthen the decision to commit to a new site or withdraw.

Asset Planning

Some of the feasibility studies provided include:

  • DCF in property purchase
  • DCF in retail site acquisition
  • Comparable lease analysis
  • Comparable sale / rent analysis
  • Comparable MAT analysis
  • Shopping Centre summary analysis


We will investigate a centre or strip and establish an understanding of its demography, history, policies, ethnicity, and opportunities for future expansion, traffic flows and trading records.


Investigation of existing leases and rentals and conditions is essential to our ability to negotiate effectively. We know how to obtain a reliable estimate of key indicators in a centre as distinct from asking rent.


Risk management through thorough investigation, feasibility analysis and market knowledge leads to better decisions for our clients.