Barry and Matthew Iles Expertise in Glenferrie road.



The Glenferrie Road shopping strip is pumping and thriving due to all the hard work from all of the business owners.  These three comments show what is happening in this strip at the moment.

Our agency Matthew Iles Pty Ltd has been part of the Glenferrie Road, Hawthorn area for 35 years when Mr Barry Iles opened his shop as a real estate agent providing sales and rentals in Residential and the Commercial area for 50 years and more.  Barry is no longer with us, and we miss his grand stature walking down Glenferrie Road, Hawthorn to one of the restaurants he loved to go to. But we are still here, in fact, Barry’s son Matthew is now running the business and loves the area as much as Barry did.

Matthew has had many years in the real estate business with his father and at other firms.  He likes to have his finger on the pulse and loves Glenferrie Road so much that he and the staff eat in different cafes or restaurants in every day.  When we have our office parties we often frequent one of the restaurants in the strip of course and they can influence our clients to try them as well.

The office now has portfolio’s in residential and commercial property and growing fast.  We can offer appraisals, opinions to assist any owners in Hawthorn or just even answer a small query at any time.

Susie Mason

Property Manager at Matthew Iles Pty Ltd.