Asset planning & site acquisition

The property asset planning & site acquisition program aims to accumulate a substantial property portfolio by adding value to land and buildings, unlocking untapped potential, and creating value with pre-committed lease backs.


Barry & Matthew Iles Pty Ltd has extensive experience in identifying client’s property requirements, working independently to locating suitable property, conduct feasibility analysis and negotiate the purchase either privately, by tender or bidding at auction.

Site Selection & Investigation

Barry & Matthew Iles Pty Ltd will investigate a centre or strip and establish an understanding of its demography, history, policies, and opportunities for future expansion, traffic flows and trading records.

The Result

Investigation of existing leases, market rent reviews and recent rentals and conditions is essential to our ability to negotiate effectively. We know how to obtain a reliable estimate of rentals in a centre, strip of office complex as distinct from asking price or rent.

Informed choices

We are already in possession retailers trading figures and so in an informed position to anticipate future trends and understand the ability of the tenant to meet their rental commitments.

Secure The Future

As Australia’s cities and towns develop and extend to accommodate the growing population, opportunities will present themselves. Barry & Matthew Iles Pty Ltd is operating from an informed position to confirm suitability for occupation by National or international brands and purchase confidentially.


Barry & Matthew Iles Pty Ltd utilize contacts and market knowledge to locate suitable sites in strategic locations. Values negotiated based on recent comparable sales evidence, future development and rental growth potential. Feasibility studies are conducted to establish the viability of such projects and the potential for further growth.